He had to do this.
Try this thing.
Jump from the nest with still-wet wings.

Because sometimes
It’s the only way to learn

To stand at the edge
Leaning out
Into the blue

Facing the sun,
Wings spread wide

This is how it feels to fly!

Till it suddenly ebbs
And you drop
Straight out of the sky

With a thud
Learning that gravity

Maybe more than you knew
And the words that chafed
Might have been wise,

That breeze that ruffled your heart?
Not His.

But its how we learn

To listen
To hear
Amid the din

As He whispers our name
And we step to the edge
Leaning out
Into the blue and


Catch His BREATH

Our wings in an
Arc across the sky

Step from this earth
And finally learn to

F L Y !

Sharing at DversePoets, where words spill and poets speak.

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13 responses to “Stretch

  1. smiles…there is pain along the way in our learning…but we have to go through it to truly learn how to fly…it is what we are called to do…smiles.

  2. lynnmosher

    Oh…my…gosh! This takes my breath away! Too beautiful, sweet Cindee! Bless you!

  3. Beautiful, Cindee! And, I know the feeling well. Got the bumps and bruises to show for some of those ill-advised leaps. But! Have some wonderful memories and well-learned lessons to my credit as well. Very nice write!

  4. Anything I say about how beautiful this is — is but a fading shadow to the way you’ve written this truth. Thank you.

  5. Exhilarating to fly but so much needed to step off. I like it that you also highlighted that it’s not without some falls and lessons. But in the end, is that one can fly. :)

  6. Beautiful… painful… beautiful. =)

  7. What’s important, someone has said, is not that we fall… But that we get up to try again.

  8. dad2five

    OUTSTANDING Honey!…Words that make life “come to life” in a beautiful and honest way! Love You!!!

  9. I love the feel of this, nice capture!

  10. Simply beautiful. And how like us to follow our will first, then humbly succumb to His, licking our wounds, and all too often pride. Beautifully, beautifully written.

  11. Your blog is stunningly beautiful in word and artistic expression. What a breath of fresh air.

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