The Mystery of Art

A poem in response to Tweetspeak Poetry’s Book Club discussion of
The Artist’s Way, (Introduction through Week 1: Recovering a Sense
of Safety). The bolded lines are author and artist Julia Cameron’s words.
The rest are mine.

As we are creative beings, our lives become our work of art. (p. xxvi)

So I search for words
In the crinkle of newspaper
Igniting pinecones into

Blue-white wisps coaxed to

In swirling orange
Wide in the wind

Art is born in attention. Its midwife is detail. (p. 21)

And I listen for words
In the sizzle of chicken,
The chopping of carrots,
The simmering of stock
For soup

Waiting for them to
Rise with the dough,
Steep with the tea,

A bumper crop of
Into ash

…the singular image is what haunts us and becomes art (p. 21)

Tiny golden flecks
Glinting in
Green eyes

Soft spring rain
Nourishing tender
One fat drop
At a time

Ideas, like
Heat-cracked crusts,
Cooling on the counter,
Steam rising

The artist brain is
• sight and sound, smell and taste, touch
(p. 21)
sensual, a language of felt experience (p. 21)
reached through rhythm – through rhyme, not reason (p. 21)
triggered by images (p. 23)

Seeking art in every breath,

Cotton floating soft
Against bare skin

Vapors of
Heat rising
Altering the way we

Words pouring
Across days
Like slow molasses

Flitting in,
Swooping out

As we blink

Become the art


Because creativity
Is not
A luxury

But inherently
Who we are

Fearfully and

By Him who
Spun the cosmos
And separated the seas

In mystery,

You and me.

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6 responses to “The Mystery of Art

  1. Oh, my, this is lovely. I breathe your words deeply and go into my day tomorrow refreshed. Thank you.

  2. “Ideas, like
    Heat-cracked crusts,”

    Love the braiding of the words you’ve done here, Cindee. And so glad to have you along. :)

  3. Jody Collins

    oh, positively, absolutely, my! the photos, the words–just stunning!
    I can’t join in this conversation (gotta read This Book in the summer)…but enjoying the comments.
    Thank you, Cindee.

  4. I found my heart and spirit happily dancing to the your poems sweet easy rythmn…with a lasting smile on my face! Thanks Cindee i enjoyed the easy going trip with your message!

  5. lynnmosher

    Beautiful, as always! Your heart is a bottomless well of creativity. Bless you!

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