What if I opened my heart
With both hands

And offered to let you read my soul?

Would you?

Not a jacket blurb
Or polished introduction

But the un-proofed,

Me splayed across the page

Every word

For you to read.

Would you?

Sharing today with DversePoets, where words spill and poets speak. Come join the conversation!

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20 responses to “Work-in-Progress

  1. I can identify with this… a lovely poem.

  2. Sharon O

    Excellent question… it is hard to b ‘real’… and bare our souls, spirits and selves with others. It brings a new name to vulnerability.

  3. smiles… i’m not quite sure if i would be ready for the unedited version of my soul myself.. needs much trust to open up to someone completely.. and for the other a bit of courage to read as well…

  4. S. Etole

    So beautifully presented … and yes, I would.

  5. pastordt

    Uh-huh. Please. That’s where we really meet each other, isn’t it?

  6. Jack Brown

    i just did (whispered with a biiiiig hug)
    God bless

  7. would you?
    sad, profound and really true. excellent, excellent poem…loved it.

  8. def a scary proposition for many…to truly let others see them for who they are…and a question in that moment that will terrify many…what will you think when you see….

  9. very nice post, very nice invite, maybe one day soon!

  10. Barb Rockaway

    Very nicely written.

  11. I would certainly read yours and would love every word. So glad you didn’t ask if I would let anyone else read me–that’s a tougher question and harder to do. But you’ve got me thinking and that’s really…good. Thank you Cindee.

  12. Lisa Huddleston

    Makes my heart smile.

  13. Thought provoking Cindee…I like the way you present these questions…and the essence of being seen as our true selves, naked, vulnerable…

  14. jodyo70

    yes, yes, yes–a work in progress. Aren’t we all? And there’s grace for each new day.
    nice to ‘meet’ you, Cindee. Maybe some day?

  15. lynnmosher

    You betcha! :D

  16. susie snider

    God see us just as we are and He loves us!!

  17. Ah, how can I resist an ars poetica, and such a charming one at that!

  18. I am always moved by the unedited bits you share!

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