Radiant Victory

IMG_0870Courage, according to Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

I witnessed true courage in the form of a slightly built, white-blond, eight year old this morning. She stood at the top of a four foot mat, preparing to jump to the high bar during gymnastics practice. She was not alone in her fear of leaping off that mat. Others shared her fear, but for Lacie, the fear is not of new, unlearned skills, but of vision. Lacie has no depth perception. She can’t determine where the bar is, so when she leaps, it is in absolute faith that the bar will be where her coach tells her it is. Sometimes as Lacie struggles to overcome her fear, tears slip down her cheeks, but she doesn’t give up. She doesn’t give in to her fear. She stands there silently working to conquer it, willing herself to jump. Lacie’s struggle is evident, but so is her determination. She doesn’t want to give in to the fear. She wants to leap, and when she finally does, and her hands land securely on the bar, her smile is absolutely radiant.

It’s the same for us. Fear can either immobilize us or motivate us to trust more fully, more deeply, more honestly in God. Fear is a part of life in this fallen world of ours, but it is also sin. We have a choice as to how we respond to our circumstances. We can respond in fear or we can heed the advice of Scripture:
• be strong and do not fear;
• do not fear, for I am with you;
• do not worry about tomorrow;
• do not worry about your life, what you will eat;
• Why do you worry about clothes?;
• Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

Our fear accomplishes nothing, except separation from God, for when we fear, we do not trust. But there is a solution. LOVE. God’s love. God’s holy, perfect, unearned, undeserved, never-failing love is our antidote to fear and all we need to conquer our daily battles with worry. First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drive out fear.” God’s love is our sure, sweet victory over fear, conquering it completely, and replacing it with His radiant joy and perfect peace.

Father, thank you for Your love, perfect and holy and unearned, for Your love gives us courage to leap for the unseen bar and faith that it will be where you promise it is. Teach us to rely more fully on you each day, to be undaunted by our circumstances no matter what we face, and to remember always that You are God. Radiant joy is possible as we learn to trust You more deeply, more fully, more honestly. May it be so, and may all the glory be Yours! Amen.

By Cindee Re
March, 2009


2 thoughts on “Radiant Victory

  1. Ross

    I keep coming back to this devotional. It is relevant to some of the daily struggles that my wife and I are going through related to my cancer diagnosis. Having a terminal illness is a lot to take on. When I try plan and organize and forecast it is unmanageable. “If this happens we do that, if that happens we do this”. Mostly, this sort of thinking is an attempt to manage fear. I love the story about Lacie and her struggle to let go of her fear and just leap!


    1. mom2fiveres

      Ross, thank you! That’s why I think it’s so important to share our stories. We weren’t meant to live this life alone, to handle all that comes our way by ourselves. We were meant to share life — to “do life together” — as the body of believers. That is my ultimate hope for this site — that it will become a place where people share their stories, where we’re encouraged and refreshed and equipped to continue on the journey moment-by-moment, day-by-day, knowing others are in this with us and that they care.


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