Even Giants Fall

It was late Tuesday afternoon. My son Sam and I were driving home from Children’s Hospital. Traffic was heavy and although the radio was on, I wasn’t listening. Sam was. “It’s true, you know,” he said.

“What’s true?”

“That ‘you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone,’” he answered as the song’s chorus replayed in the background. “I never understood that before, never appreciated waking up and feeling good or being able to do whatever I wanted when I got out of bed. I just took it for granted, figuring it’d always be that way.”

Tears welled in my eyes as I struggled to find words to answer my son. In February, he’d been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis, an auto-immune disease affecting his GI tract. He’d lost 22 pounds in ten weeks and spent time in the new acute care wing of Children’s Hospital. Sam’s illness had caught us off guard. He’d been a physically strong, able, active teen who regularly ate us out of house and home, and suddenly, overnight, he wasn’t eating at all and rarely left the house, rarely left the recliner.

Tuesday afternoon, four months into treatment, we were heading home from more appointments. “I’d give almost anything to go back to before I got sick and really appreciate what I had,” Sam continued.

His words sliced through my soul. “Oh Lord,” I prayed, “why does my son have to go through this? He’s only fifteen, such a hard age to be different, sick, unable to eat his favorite foods or go out to eat, and he never, ever complains. He just gets quiet and tries so hard to focus on something, anything besides the pain. This is hard, Lord!” I silently cried out. “And I don’t know if I’m strong enough to help him through this.”

My oldest son, struggling with similar emotions and rocked by the changes in his brother and their relationship, poured his heart out in song.

This is a song of my greatest friend,
The one whom I love and would die to defend,
Whose honor and loyalty have no compare,
A soldier in a battle, too much to bear.

I thought that you were unbreakable
That my faith was firm and unshakable,
But now I find that I was wrong.
There’s only one Being who’s that strong.

I can’t stand that you’re in pain,
And I don’t have the power to take it away.
It’s just too much for me to take,
That even a giant like you could break.

(Repeat Chorus)

So hold on, Sam, this storm will pass.
Just hold on, Sam, this pain won’t last.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
God’s got you in His Hands.

I feel like I’m dying on the inside,
And I’d rather run than face a lie, cause
When it comes to compassion, I’m hit or miss
But you stand and say that we’ll get through this.

And He’s watching, watching out for you,
Just have faith, and we’ll make it through

Father, there are no answers, just questions and emotions and a family holding on in faith, knowing You’ll see us through, and that we’ll make it there together, hand-in-Hand, standing strong in You! Amen.


7 thoughts on “Even Giants Fall

  1. Luminita Schartle

    Oh, Cindee…this one brought tears in my eyes….and the song written by your oldest son is just awesome!He got talent like you… I can see how God is transforming the hearts of your children and the great work He does in their lives. Later, looking back you’ll see the fruits of these trials and the precious “diamond faces” were shaped in your children’s character. I know it is very hard as a parent to see your children suffering in this way,but God will bring comfort in His time. He is worthy to be trusted!
    I will keep your family in my prayers.


  2. Cathy Quinn

    The powerful story and song brought tears to my
    eyes; all families can relate to this type of painful
    struggle and recognize there is no way to survive
    these times through our efforts alone.


  3. Jane Wegner

    Cindee, What an incredible reminder of ‘from where our strength comes’ you are able to share with us. Your talent is amazing; your son’s song for his brother is so touching, so honest and sincere and so well done. I pray for God’s healing to Sam and strength for you all. I asked your mom to share your site with me and treasure this contact. May God continue to bless your witness! Thank you for sharing. Hugs!


  4. Jannette

    It is hard having a child go through such physical and emotional pain, and being helpless to do anything to ease it. What a blessing it is to know that God is going through that trial with them, and to know that He will give strength and courage.
    Sometimes though, that doesn’t feel so helpful – and then we really have to lean on our Father. Praying for you…


  5. Ginny Norum

    My prayers are with Sam and your family. It is so difficult to understand God’s plan.

    Please keep us up-dated on Sam’s progress.


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