Finally Home!

I’ve been waiting since
Before the world began,
When all was formless and void,
Waiting for this very moment
For you, My precious child.

From the moment of conception,
When I formed you in the secret place,
Created in My image,
With a purpose and a plan,
I’ve been waiting.

Waiting since your first breath,
Your first step,
Your first smile in delight of My creation,
Waiting beside you
When you fell and discovered
That sometimes freedom causes pain.

I’ve caught every tear,
Numbered every hair,
Known every word
Before you spoke it.
I’ve known you and loved you
Since the beginning of time
And I’ve been waiting.

Waiting through each victory,
And every cherished moment,
Through each dark night of loneliness,
Through every loss and longing,
I’ve been waiting.

I’ve laughed with you,
And cried with you.
My heart has ached for you,
And broken for you,
And I’ve been waiting.

Waiting for you, My beloved child,
Waiting to lavish you with love,
And dance in joyful abandon
Through beauty indescribable,
Through colors you’ve never seen,
To the anthems of angels.

I’ve been waiting for you,
Since the beginning of time,
Waiting and pointing the way,
Through each step and every moment,
Waiting to finally say,
“You’re home, My child.
I’ve been waiting,
And you’re finally HOME!

*In honor of my brother Timm who died nine years ago today. Timm was a dynamic, energetic, charismatic guy who lived life to the full every minute of his 32 years on this earth. We miss him every day, but rejoice that we will live with him forever in eternity.


11 thoughts on “Finally Home!

  1. Tammy

    Cindee – my husband played soccer with Timm. He was a great friend who saw the best in everyone. Kevin and I still think of him quite often. Not long after he died, a car cut me off on the freeway. I was feeling kind of annoyed until I saw the license plate: IAMOK7. I had been struggling with Timm’s death and asking God A LOT of questions. I still smile when I think of that car – it brought such comfort. Just wanted to share that with you! Have a blessed day 🙂


  2. Vicki

    The Lord laid you on my heart over the weekend and I thought of Timm. I can not believe it has been 9 years. It is one of things that you always remember that moment. As you well know, my finite mind and my heart has also questioned and had moments of struggling while trying to reconcile it. I will always remember our night at dinner, talking and you said to me: He had an appointed number of days…..
    I was trying to comfort you and yet you consistently comforted me.
    These are precious thoughts in memory of Timm. Thinking of you today, your parents and Timm’s boys. With love


  3. Deb Moll

    Cindee, thank you so much, this is so beautiful, Amazing to think about our Loving our God is and is always with us and waiting on us…..Love that. Remember the days after your loss and rejoicing today seeing our Great and Kind God and all that he has done in your life thur this difficulty. What a precious example of His greatness, thanks for sharing your heart. Love you, Deb


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