Hope is a longing undefined,
Deep in the soul,
Stirred by gentle breezes
From the edge of consciousness.

A glint of firefly light
On storm darkened night,
A symphony of color,
A tapestry of melody
Layered in harmony
Infused with lyric and verse.

Hope is a white-winged butterfly
Perched on the soul.
Promise dancing on the wind,
A haunting call in the dark of night,
Igniting embers into flame.

Hope is beauty unimagined,
Always known but not yet seen.
Joy awash in Heaven’s glory,
Rising from the soul,
Igniting into passion,
Bursting into beautiful
Relationship with God!

The joyful expectation
Of life lived in Jesus Christ.


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. pathoftreasure

    Cindee, I love, love, love this entire poem, every word. It is beautiful, full of thought-provoking and inspiring imagery. My mind is filled with new images and thoughts to dwell upon about Hope. I feel as if you’ve captured and materialized Hope in a new way, from a deep place you’ve been. We know our source of Hope– and from there the inspiration has burst forth from your pen! Thank you for sharing this.


  2. You recently visited and placed some kind comments on my ‘wordsculptures’ blog. There you said that the words I used were the sort that would have been in your head. Having read some of your pieces here I agree that there is similarity in the way that we think. God bless you in your work. I noticed you’d joined ChristianWriters and thought at the time there was a reasonable possibility that you might enjoy my little efforts.


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