Love — a Blessing, a Gift, a Choice

“Here!” I grumbled to my husband as he hovered over my shoulder. “I’ll just stop what I’m doing so you can have my computer. I’ll go take a shower.”

That is not love,” I gently, plainly heard in my soul as I walked down the hall.

“Yeah, and it’s childish too,” I mumbled back. “Do you always have to be right, Lord? Can’t I ever just complain and get away with it? No, don’t answer that! I know! You are always right, and love is patient. Love is kind. Well, I don’t feel either right now, whether I’m supposed to or not.”

“Yet love is always patient, always kind,” I felt Him whisper back, “never self-seeking, not easily angered. Love is offering up your computer without complaint when it’s needed, thankful that your husband is willing to tackle the issues with your son’s college software. Love is kindly, gently stepping aside so he can work.”

“Hmmm…” I sighed.

“Love also keeps no record of wrongs, but rejoices in the truth. It doesn’t justify or rationalize or spin the truth, but accepts correction, because I am love, and I love you far too much to leave you to your selfishness.”

“OK, Lord, I give. You win. Love doesn’t envy or boast or compare. It doesn’t grumble or whine or complain, and – ouch! – it doesn’t compete, which is exactly what I’ve been doing, isn’t it? Competing with my husband? How could I not have recognized that until now? Oh, Father. I’m so sorry. Forgive me. I know better. Love doesn’t compete in order to be loved in return, or esteemed or found worthy. Love doesn’t strive to measure up in order to be accepted. Love accepts us as is, faults and flaws and all, because love chooses to love deeply from the heart, abundantly, sacrificially and unconditionally whether it feels like it or not. Oh, Father, thank you. Thank you for loving me enough to hold me accountable, for pruning my character in spite of the pain of the process, for forging my faith in the fire of Your all-consuming love.”

For love isn’t proud, but selfless and humble. It is choosing to apologize and mean it, to forgive and forever let it go. Love is the incredible moment of birth and the final breath of life and every single moment in between – timeless and searing and deep, intense and tender and raw, severe and exquisite.

Love is a blessing, a gift and a choice, only possible because the great I AM, the One who IS love, Who always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, first and perfectly loved us, and His love never fails.

Father, teach me to love deeply from the heart, lavishly and without reservation, sacrificially and unconditionally, knowing it is only possible as I humbly, completely, transparently rely on You every step of the way. Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Love — a Blessing, a Gift, a Choice

  1. Jannette

    Okay – how did you get into my house? That exact same thing happened here last week…. It’s sometimes so easy to defend my actions, but that’s not what God is asking.
    When I finally get to the place where I can finally, truthfully, apologize – well, there’s no feeling like it, knowing that God is pleased with what’s in my heart. Hopefully, the next time, I’ll graciously allow my husband to use the computer…


  2. Don’t you just hate it when God intrudes like that, bein’ all right and all? The good news is that this proves your heart is open to conviction. There are many (including, at times, myself) who don’t have these necessary conversations with the Lord because they can’t hear him speaking. The noise of our own thoughts tends to drown out his still, small voice.

    Very insightful, Cindee, and very well expressed. Thank you.

    – Scott


  3. What a well written – and convicting – post! I don’t have a husband, but I do live with my parents and brothers (long story), and there are times when their needs push into my space and busyness. And I have to confess, I’ve sometimes responded with that same tone.

    Lord, thank You for using Cindee to remind us that Your way is not that of a sharp-tongued would-be martyr, but gentle, kind and preferring others above ourselves. Make us ever mindful of that truth.


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  5. This so touched my heart… as Truth from the Father always does. It was also a reminder of a time when I knew I had to make a choice…. to forgive – even when I did not feel like it, nor felt the ability to forgive… but made the choice to verbally (before God) lay my instant feelings aside and start the road to healing. Then, to verbally forgive my husband. Not because I was so ‘good’ or was going to get anything out it. Certainly, not because I felt like it. But, because I knew that God had forgiven me… had given me life – again. The only hope for my marriage was to follow the example Jesus had laid before me…forgive and in doing so, loving. The road to healing started with my choice and now, 45 years later, I still Praise God for that lesson. To love, to forgive, to try and understand someone else, is always first a “choice”. A choice to lay aside your own feelings – before they take over your thoughts and life – and a choice to follow our Lord. Sometimes it is pretty easy to do…..other times very very hard. But again, it is our choice and that is a freedom our Father has given us. Choose His example of life, not the worlds or your own selfish self. It will be a blessing to you…even if the road to the end is rocky, slippery or dark. Jesus will walk it with you. He will walk it with you. Chose Jesus. Blessings to this author for this story.


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