Swirling into ONE

Swirling red inflamed,
Crushing thousands
Voices, drums, fists pounding,
Scarring Doors of Justice.

Gutted landings full,
Deafening, chanting, railing
Voices coalescing into
Singular ambition,

Lamentation universal
Beyond this present state,
And borders artificial,
Empyrean cry
From the depths of Eden,
Desperate to be heard.

Shoeless, homeless,
Hungry, ill.
Consumed, depleted,
Devoid of will.

Hear me.
See me.


A timeless war,
Incessant battle
Of bleeding segregation
Rupturing humanity,
Rending, tearing, cleaving
Us sinew from sinew.

Divided we fall,
For we are more
Than one flag,
One race,
One nation.

We are

Dust of earth,
Breathed into life,
Sculpted image of
The Holy,

One Body,


*This was written as part of the Christian Writers’ Blog Chain for March. Be sure to check out the links to the right for more inspiring “swirling” posts throughout the month.


20 thoughts on “Swirling into ONE

    1. Barb Rockaway

      Cindee, this week we had a prayer vigil to focus on all the troubles in the world today. We used your poem, Swirling into ONE, as the central reading. The response was very positive. I thought you would like to know. Love Aunt Barb


  1. That’s powerful Cindee. You and Keith have been bringing something very special and complimentary with your poetry to the other articles on the chain.
    This is the type of swirling that we need. I’m having images of people from different places and walks of life all getting sucked into a whirlpool – realising that their differences don’t matter anymore, they just need to hold each other’s hands to survive.
    Well done.


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  3. I’m just now getting around to these (I’m sorry to say. . . .).

    Very powerful, Cindee, and very well done indeed. Poetry is the act of exerting just a touch of order over a series of thoughts and images that still have enough freedom to swirl on their own power.

    Thanks for this!

    – Scott


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