Alive and Free!

What awakens
The music in me,
Tugging at the depths
Of my soul
Begging to be free?

Inspiring me to stand
Before the Lord
Naked in spirit,
Open, honest,
Abandoned to His will?

What compels me
To relinquish expectations?
Shed facades camouflaging
All my insecurities –
Fears wrapped tight,
Bound in brightly colored bows?

Why must I paint
This simple pot
In intricate design,
Adorning its veneer,
To hide my heart?

How long will I shrink
In the shadows
Silent and afraid,
Wary of baring my soul?

How long will I falter
With expectations,
Avoid confrontation,
Compromise convictions
Failing to speak, act and do
As God leads?

Oh how I long to stand
Abandoned to self,
Drinking deep
God’s unquenchable love,
Awed at undeserved
Free from doubt
And insecurity,
Drenched in rain of grace,
Embraced in tender mercies,
Always new.

How I long to dance
In passion pure,
Arms held high,
Devotion deep
Infusing every breath,
Every thought, every move
In grateful praise!

Courage to shed
Hollow, empty
Shell of self,
Unzipping pride,
A L L –
All I have, all I am –
For something new,
And pure and
Infinitely more!

Indescribable, intimate, intense,
Astonishing and deep –
Communion with the great I AM,
Holy, righteous,
F R E E !
Death of self,
Birth of God’s abundant life
In M E !


4 thoughts on “Alive and Free!

  1. Oh, this is more of a hymn than a poem. It made me smile – it made me think of the time when we won’t say “How long?” anymore – and we’ll have “Communion with the great I AM” – amen. I’m really glad I got a chance to come by today. God bless and keep you and all of yours.


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