Fresh Air

Fresh air is
Life experienced –
Touched, seen
Heard, smelled,
Tasted –
Genuine, abundant,
Raw, real
In all its messiness and complexity
Not neatly, electronically,
Through a visual screen.

It is damp spring earth scooped
With bare hands
To receive new plantings,
Weeds tugged from the ground,
Mulch spread thick and pungent,
Into old beds made new,
Clean, fresh,

It is the swoop and
Dive of swallows,
And half a dozen
Iridescent dragonflies
On gossamer wings,
Through the yard
Consuming mosquitoes.

It is feeders rife with finches,
Purple and gold,
Nuthatches, sparrows,
Black-capped chickadees,
And a pair of nesting cardinals,
Beauty abundant,
So easily missed
Amid the more extraordinary –

An oriel perched on an orange rind
Swallowing sustenance for the
Miles yet to fly,

And Sandhill Cranes,
Whose ancient clacking calls
Still catch me by surprise,
Poster-bird of second chances,
Reborn from the brink of extinction.

Fresh air is
A sliver of sunlight
Piercing the clouds
Illuminating a cascade of
Snow white lilies
Cloaked in green,

And time…

Time to be still.




Time to smell the rain,
And notice the lilies,

To catch one perfect, round drop
Clinging to the speared tip of
A single blade of grass.

Time to scoop the earth
By hand,
And stop to watch the swallows,
Listen for the cranes,

Time to breathe deeply
And experience the
Immensity of God

In every moment,
Every breath,
All things,

Time to be still
And simply know
That He is GOD.

This month’s topic is “Fresh Air.” Be sure to visit the links (above right) for more unique and interesting takes on the topic, and may you be most blessed.


41 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. Beautiful, Cindee!! You have a gift for capturing all the little details of God’s creation in your words – and your photography. What a wonderful combination of the two. Thanks so much for blessing me this morning! 🙂


    1. Sarah, you’re so welcome! I love the little details, seeking God in the hidden, overlooked places in my life and then finding them, awed and fascinated, such incredible beauty so easily overlooked, taken for granted. Seeking God in the small reminds me to slow down and really see the world, the people around me, to stop rushing through my days missing God’s tender, gentle blessings along the way. Blessing to you today!


  2. Thanks for the wonderful twice visual post in both words and pictures. I have a long commute now but I truly love one spot of it on my way home which gives me a view of gently rolling hills. They always seem to be almost there but not there as I see them in shadow and light from the sun setting around them. It makes my commute a joy!


    1. Chris, thank you. Really noticing the world around us, God’s abounding beauty, completely changes our perspective, doesn’t it? Joining you in the joy of this journey through life — whether in “almost there” rolling hills or the gossamer wings of irridescent dragonflies. May you be most blessed today!


  3. I never cease to be amazed at the profound beauty in your poetry, Cindee. You paint with words. I also loved the way this poem fits so nicely with the name of your blog – ‘Breathe Deeply’. Well done!


  4. Magnificent Cindee! Through this post I enjoyed the refreshing view of the beauty that God has given us to enjoy here on Earth, and the emphasis on time… the most precious resource we have to share with someone to let them know that we truly care. Thanks!!


    1. Wow! Chris, thank you so much! And you’re welcome. Time and beauty draw my soul, quenching my longing, filling me with joy and peace and contentment ~ beautiful communion with our infinite Creator God.


  5. Well, Cindee, you and I have at least one thing in common: a unquenchable love for the beauty of nature. Lovely poem, not to mention great photography–and convey my congratulations to Tony as well. I especially love the wonderful picture of the dragonfly on (your?) hand. Great post.

    ~ VT


    1. Thank you, Victor! The little blue damselfly is on my daughter’s hand, her matching blue nail polish a happy coincidence. My husband gave me the most wonderful gift of a macro lens for my camera this year and those phots are the result. I’m absolutely amazed by what that lens can do! The lead photo is dandelion seeds blowing in a gentle post-rain breeze. So much fun! Blessings to you this stormy Wednesday.


  6. You used the dew-drop pic! Love that one!

    Hard to say which is more beautiful–the pictures or your words. Both are examples of God’s magnificent creation seen up-close. You’re a blessing to us all, Cindee. It’s a treat to read your work.

    Thank you so much for posting this.


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