Mist hovers in the hollows,
Rain-sated green
Dancing in shimmering pools,
Hungrily greeting day,

Robins sing,
Ruffled and puffed,
Waking morning
With a hearty, Cheerio!

Mercy’s rain soaks deep
Nurturing earth in love,
A moment’s grace
Amid the din of life,

Time and space
To seek the extraordinary,
Beauty often overlooked,
Faith’s tender blossom

Unfurling one tiny petal at a time,
Joy streaming in at edge of day
Drenching my soul in

*Today’s poem is an entry for Books and Culture ( on the topic of Cultivation. Thank you, Marcus Goodyear, for an intriguing prompt!



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18 responses to “Daybreak

  1. Your words capture these moments, as if I’m watching slow-motion photography; gorgeous poem, Cindee!


  2. Tony

    WOW! You are really getting good at this poem-writing-stuff. This last one was one of your best. I wanted to keep reading but ran out of words. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I always love the things that stream in at the edges. That was the image that stayed with me here 🙂


  4. Cindee,

    Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment.
    It’s terribly hard contemplating missing my sister the rest of my life… be it a day or 60 more years.
    You know the missing journey much more than I do…
    Thank you for telling me about your brother, it was comforting.

    Gratefully, Emily Murphy


  5. You never cease to amaze me with the elegant artistry that streams from your soul. Thank you for oozing your beauty with the rest of us!


  6. Susan

    I will say most poetry eludes me… but this one I really enjoyed.


  7. Beautiful. Drenching my soul in light. I love that verse. Great way to start my morning. Thanks, Cindee.


  8. Cindee,
    thanks for reading and commenting on the blog.
    Your daybreak poem is full of expectancy and appreciation.



  9. Cindee, I especially enjoyed the “ruffled and puffed” robins. Thank you for sharing your poetry with Books and Culture.


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