Mist hovers in the hollows,
Rain-sated green
Dancing in shimmering pools,
Hungrily greeting day,

Robins sing,
Ruffled and puffed,
Waking morning
With a hearty, Cheerio!

Mercy’s rain soaks deep
Nurturing earth in love,
A moment’s grace
Amid the din of life,

Time and space
To seek the extraordinary,
Beauty often overlooked,
Faith’s tender blossom

Unfurling one tiny petal at a time,
Joy streaming in at edge of day
Drenching my soul in

*Today’s poem is an entry for Books and Culture ( on the topic of Cultivation. Thank you, Marcus Goodyear, for an intriguing prompt!


18 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. Tony

    WOW! You are really getting good at this poem-writing-stuff. This last one was one of your best. I wanted to keep reading but ran out of words. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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