What If?

What if we stretch imagination
W I D E ?

And stand
At the edge of eternity
And leap?

Pause in the chaos


Simply because
God is God?

What if we reach beyond the door
And roll down grassy hills,
Stopping, quiet,
To gaze at clouds?

What if we climb a mountain
On our knees,
Because love costs,
And sacrifice cuts deep,
Bleeding slowly into joy?

What if poetry weaves
Color into life,
And stories bleed
And artists cover
Canvases with truth?

What if words heal,
Bending difference into light,
Shading gray,
Framing the untamable,
The august, the Holy,
Harnessing joy,
And spilling hope across the sky
Like paint?

What if imagination unifies,
And strokes division into joy,
Splintering contention,
And refracting love into
A billion tiny rainbows
Coloring the world white?

What if we stretch imagination
W I D E?

And stand at the edge of eternity
And leap?

*Linking up with The High Calling as we discuss chapters five and six of Luci Shaw’s book, Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection on Creativity and Faith — Meeting the God of Metaphor and Learning from Story.

This poem was written in response to the following quote from chapter 5: “It was [C.S] Lewis’s conviction (and perhaps MacDonald’s belief too) that if we saturate ourselves in richly creative literature – in Scripture with its potent imagery; in fiction with its narrative flow and power; in poetry that joins emotion with idea, image, music, logic with intuition, proposition with imaginative truth – division may be healed and unity restored.”



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19 responses to “What If?

  1. Susan

    Nice job! I like this one.


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  3. It’s like reading the imagination as it washes over you. Well done.


  4. This inspires me to stand on the rim and free fall! Your photos are so gorgeous too, Cindee. That question–What if? it can take us to some sweet places with our good God, can’t it?


  5. amazing imagery, nature is magical, isn’t it?

    love costs, smile with tears,
    no fears…

    brilliant piece…share with poets rally if you wish.


  6. Tony

    This one goes on my favorites list, maybe number 1 or 2. When words jump from the page to create an image, you know that it’s good, really, realy good!


  7. susie snider

    A very colorful descriptive walk with God!!


  8. Cindee! “Climbing the mountain on our knees” – what an amazing and powerful image! You write with such beauty. Thank you for this.


  9. What if we forget self and embrace the Spirit that calls
    What if innocence was not too often sold for a morsel of pottage
    What if imagination is not enough to make the heart see the depths of eternity

    Great.You got me thinking with you.and loving it.


  10. You have some wonderful imagery in this poem.Great Job!


  11. Oh, I just love this. Just love the form and the message and the bending and the refraction. Love the words and the pictures and the truth of it all. Just beautiful.


  12. Oh, how I love reading how your mind works! Such lovely thoughts come from that beautiful treasury! Love this!


  13. Really made me stop and think, picturing the images, digesting the ideas. Great poetry. One to be read over and over. I loved it.


  14. Wonderful…let’s leap. 🙂


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  16. Clapping! I started to copy a few of the words/phrases that were reaching out and touching me… and by the time I got to the end, heck… the whole poem was highlighted! Your time with the Holy One was well spent, thank you for putting the fruits down on paper so we could taste of His goodness too! =)


  17. Truly beautiful imagery – visually and in your written words. Thank you!


  18. Oh my, Cindee! Stretch. Leap. Pause. Wait . . . content. And leap again. And the beauty of this. I’ve read and re-read it, girlfriend. You’ve wrapped your words around my heart.


  19. Beautiful! With acumen and acuity you have supported “C.S.. the Great’s” conviction. I long for more of this feast!
    Oh, that ‘this’ Snider could write so well. Hehe 😀


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