Be Bold!

One phrase,
Four words,
None big
Or new or hard or old,

The poet wrote,
Be brave with words.

But I don’t know
What that means…

Be brave…
Be bold

I’m not.
I’m pen and ink and tea
And books
And words
And camera lens,

A quiet shadow built
Of background blue
Or subtle-shaded green.

Be bold?

Or simply slide the Truth in thin,
A dozen silky strands
Of glistening hope
Afloat on gentle breeze.


Punctuate the day
With zebra stripes
In amethyst and gold!


Dip a quill in diamonds
Igniting flames in streams
Of consciousness,
Shouting whispers in the wind.


And unpredictable,
Spinning ocean into night
And shadows into sea,
Dangling starfish in the inky black
And casting moonbeams free.

Be bold!

Exuberant and wise,

Seeking to speak
Truth in Love
And setting captives

Be bold!



Risk one word,
Stretch one thought,
Spill creation into prayer,
To stand, to speak, to be brave,
In God alone!

*Linking up with The High Calling as we continue to discuss Luci Shaw’s book, Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection on Creativity and Faith, this week working through chapters 7 and 8. The poet’s quote, “Be brave with words,” is Luci’s quote from page 96, which played in and around the edge of my conscious thought all the week finally finding expression in the above lines.


22 thoughts on “Be Bold!

  1. I agree with Carol, Cindee. I think your words are always brave. For me, writing requires much bravery in and of itself, but to write of faith–to have that courage when scripture tells us that teachers are held accountable–it has to be Spirit-driven, don’t you think? Your words always inspire and these are no different. Such a lovely post.


  2. Luminita

    Beautiful….thank you for such a nice beginning of the week!
    My favorite lines: “Light filled, Son drenched, Word watered, Spirit led, God beloved” Thank you for these important reminders :)))


  3. Wow! You never cease to amaze me! Like those above, I see your gentle spirit flowing from your figurative pen. I agree, Laura, it must be Spirit led and the Holy Spirit has urged me to be bold as well. Boldness without fear comes natural to me, yet I must learn to be bold and not brash. Bold and not annoying. Bold and not aggressive. Bold and loving. Your verses gently show me how to do boldness. I thank you. 😀


  4. How…do…you…think…like…that? Whew! I’m with Sandra…Slide the truth in thin…dip a quill in diamonds…punctuate the day. This stopped my breath. Such beauty resides in your soul! Bless you!


    1. Lynn, I honestly don’t know. I see something and words start playing with each other in my head until they find their way onto the page. It’s a wild, crazy ride this writing adventure — and I’m often amazed at what winds up on the page. Thank you for your absolutely lovely comment! 🙂


  5. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. . . therefore, I pressed this on my blog. Thank you for your amazing, God-given gift with words and the boldness to share them with the world. Blessings, Sharon


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  7. Wow! God… thank you, that you have given this woman such a beautiful way with your words…she wove them together so beautifully. I loved how you had her wrapping a soft poem around us all, telling us she wasn’t bold ‘n all… just like a mother would do…and then before we knew it we were amazed and comforted by the awareness of your warm presence. I just love how you do that through your saints. There is nothing more powerful than your presence Lord!
    Cindee… you gave me such a gift this morning… thank you!


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