Tending Beauty

Beauty rises in
A thousand words
Shaken together and
Splashed into image.

A basket full of
Berries dripping with summer,
Ideas clinging together
Like pollen,

A sip of nectar
Bursting into words
Strung like dew drops
Into a garland of days,

Fingerprint of the Holy,
Tendril of beauty
Rising from ash
Tended by the Author’s Hand.

*Linking up with The High Calling as we continue to discuss Luci Shaw’s book, Breath for the Bones: Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection on Creativity and Faith, this week working through chapters 9 and 10.


13 thoughts on “Tending Beauty

  1. I came over from the link at THC…

    There is a lot that I like about this poems, but my favorite snip-it is “tendril of beauty” because your words paint such lovely image. Thank you.



  2. “Rising from ash
    Tended by the Author’s Hand.”
    Made me think of Elizabeth Elliot’s These Strange Ashes and how indeed she was, they were, ‘tended by the Author’s Hand’.
    Beautiful post Cindee!


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