Come Home

I packed eighteen years
Into cardboard boxes,
And headed north
Towards Spinnaker Lane,

Windows down,
Journey spilling wide
Across the white line miles

My life, my choice,
My rules,
How to live,
Whom to love,
Room to grow,
Time to play,

My way!

And it was
For ninety days

Till he knocked at my door
In his snake skin boots
With his steel blue eyes
And throaty embrace
And opened my heart with
A kiss.

“I lost my job,” he whispered close
And slung his bag on the floor.

And he loved me.

And his shiny black van brought
Brooding nights of pool cues
And St. Pauli Light

And my skirts shrank
In the cool days
And my heels rose
As the snow fell

And he proposed
With a diamond ring
In bowl of roses
On credit not his own.

But he loved me.

So I wore the dress,
And walked the aisle
And said the vows
He wouldn’t keep.

And I loved him

But it wasn’t enough
To touch his soul
And heal the hole left
By a mom who died too young,
And a dad who turned away,

Leaving his sons on the street.

So he dealt,
Where the money was
To feed his younger brother.

Is wrong always wrong
When the motive is right?


Discharge and a one way
Ticket home
Brought him right back to
Where it all began

Till he knocked at my door
In his snake skin boots
And seared my soul
With a kiss

On other lips

As a gentle Voice
“Come home,

“Be still in this falling rain
Where Truth soaks deep
And grace is sweet
And mercy tempers pain,

Where forgiveness is real
And Love unfurls
The precious petals of
Faith’s first tender blossom.

Come home, my child,
To my waiting heart.

Home, in your heart,
To Me.”

This post is part of Christian Writer’s September Blog Chain. Be sure to visit each writer’s post on this month’s theme, “Coming Home,” by clicking on the links in the sidebar.


25 thoughts on “Come Home

  1. Wow. In a few well turned words you have laid before us an entire feature film – an epic romance that begs to be told in its entirety…
    Cindy, as others have noted already, your poetry touches me like a thousand word essay never could. Keep on pouring out your soul, my friend. It is the essence of everything poetry should be.


  2. Y’know what I love most about great poetry? It’s efficient. Stuff’s a great time-saver. I could’ve read a 310-page novel that told the same story you just unveiled . . . but you’ve explored every inch of it—fathomless emotional depth and all—in 310 words.

    You continue to astound me, Cindee. One of these days you’re going to cover just as much territory in a haiku, and I’m gonna have to be hospitalized.

    God loved you with a gift. I love you for sharing it. Thank you.


  3. well… take my breath away… goodness… you just laid your heart right out there didn’t you? =) the form is beautiful, the story is gorgeous, the love is captivating… just like His. I hold this as a gift, I’ve just opened, and truly love. Thank you.


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  5. Gee, I could take lessons from you. People tell me my songs just go on forever.

    That was powerful. Brief but solid, filled with emotion, every word chosen with care, like a master poet.

    Haven’t read any of your other stuff but I’ll be looking for it. Thanks for sharing.


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