Steeped in Grace

A long cool sip of
Tickles the tongue with possibility

Filmy iridescent bubbles
Rise soft on summer breeze
Calling me to chase

Teasing muse!
Lifting inspiration
Just beyond my reach

Casting barest shadow
On this blue sky day
Steeped in color

Images cling together
Like pollen borne aloft
On tiny insect wings

Feather of opportunity
Drifting down on pen,
Caressing the soul

Landing light on flower’s tip,
Weightless moment
Captured wide

To gather me in and
Cradle my ragged edges
On tender petals,

Silken threads of insecurity
Trembling on the breeze
Bleeding wounds

Into fragrance of the Holy
Seeping deep, brave,
Bearing faults and weakness

Engaging passion,
Triumph soaring high
Encompassing all of me

Words bursting into image
Fingerprint of God
Burned into the canvas of my days,

A harvest of words
Framing the seed
Of faith.

Be still, my soul,
For you are here

On Holy ground.


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