Absorbing Color

To see
Takes time
Like to have a friend,


In the moment,
Being all there,

Saturated, nourished
Fed on abundance of

Absorbing color
And taste and heat
And heart

Fragrant and flush,
Vibrant with possibility,
Bloom of life

Wistful and a little
As I wonder

How many moments
I’ve missed,

But not today!

For today
And am grateful.

*This poem is dedicated to my dear friend Pamela, who chooses to be my friend without counting the cost, who longs to see with her heart, and who is learning to appreciate poetry just because it makes my heart sing. You are treasure!


6 thoughts on “Absorbing Color

  1. Pamela Piquette

    Thank you for your very kind words! It truly is a blessing to be your friend….truly I get much more out of it than I could possibly give to you. Love you!! Pamela


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