Why Poetry?

Poetry is breath,
Image draped bare
Over ochre emotion

Finest strands of gold
Woven word by word,
Hue and breadth into life,

A palette of diamonds
Dripping from silver filigree,
Piercing points of

Liquid luminescence
Spilling depth across the page
Oxygen into life,

Drenched in ink,

Vision born to light
This is Holy Grail
And why I write.

*I am offering this poem and these photos for the challenges: Why Poetry? and Contre-Jour through The High Calling and TS Poetry Press.


12 thoughts on “Why Poetry?

  1. Tony

    Simple but right to the heart of it. The pictures came together nice a s well! When is the “big” book of poetry coming out? Soon I hope 🙂


    1. Thanks, Honey! Love your feedback — always. 🙂 As for a book, well, I’m simply following God’s lead, hoping one day my words wind up on bound and printed pages — and maybe some photos too. Love You — always!


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