A Softening

This little spot of ground
Needs no watering or weeding

For what sinks a tender
Root into sun-baked dirt?

I wonder when seed first failed to sprout
On this palm-sized patch of yard?

Summer bleached the brown oasis hard
Amid a swaying sea of green,

Egregious clutch of pride!
Oh, Lord…

The blades sear…
It hurts!

Granite ground gaping in furrowed rows
Deep, raw, open to receive the rain

Softening my sin-baked soul
For planting.

*Inspired by Pastor Philip Griffin’s message yesterday on Luke 8:4-15 and nine words that continue to resonate in my heart: “trials break up our unplowed ground,” and “embrace the brokenness.”

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11 responses to “A Softening

  1. Oh, yes … it does hurt … but so necessary.


  2. “Egregious clutch of pride!”

    I ache to think of how many of those are still in my “yard.” May the Master Gardener keep working on me…


  3. for it to truly take root, the ground must be broken and that breaking is certainly not fun at times…but it is for the better…very nice verse…


  4. Wow, powerful ending:

    “Softening my sin-baked soul
    For planting.”

    Loved your foreshadowing using the word “egregious.”


  5. Ah, softening. Why does this process seem so hard? The two seem disjointed. But, they are intertwined. Beautiful poem, Cindee.


  6. Great metaphors.. and till the end it was the weather that was on my mind.. liked your line…
    ‘Softening my sin-baked soul
    For planting.’
    thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  7. Praise God for the planting. And even the preparation. This was beautiful, Cindee. Thank you.


  8. okay, I had to look up Luke 8:4-15, and you wrote a great piece here.
    thanks for sharing.


  9. So glad you’ve shared such a creative interpretation of Luke 8:4-15 — and I’m thinking long on that phrase, “trials break up the unplowed ground” too.


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