Gift of the Heart, Words of the Soul

I’m dust
Just a bit of broken humanity
Clothed in sin

An invisible speck
On this spinning globe
Of faces

Ensnared in self

Who am I that
You should care?
I have nothing to offer

But words…

Beyond convenience
And expectation
And understanding

Embers of love
Impossible to wrestle
Into speech

Burning for release
Selfless, passionate,
Personal, FREE!

To flow through me…

But I am broken humanity
Misusing Love,
Perverting and abusing it

Oh, Lord!
How long until I see
And know and grasp

And feel
Your perfect Love
At work in me?

This bit of broken humanity
Learning to spill Your Love
Wide and deep and FREE?

This post is part of the Christian Writers’ December Blog Chain on the theme, “Gift of the Heart.” Be sure to visit the other writers’ sites (sidebar at right) for more beautiful gifts of the heart. May God deeply, richly bless you this holy season.


16 thoughts on “Gift of the Heart, Words of the Soul

  1. Cindee, I never used to read poetry but since joining the blog chain have been making a habit out of it in following our group. Yours is one that I always look forward to now and love!! Please keep up your writing, a true gift from above 🙂


  2. Cindee, your words…I have nothing to offer But words…always amazes me because your words are the overflow of a precious heart. Always beautiful…and your photos are as well. Bless you, dear one!


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