Quest to Breathe

It began with
The cry of my heart

To notice mercy
Spreading slow across the sky,

Beauty in the broken,
Embers in the ash,

Moments raining light
And love and grace,

Glimmers in grief,
Hope gently rising with the mist,

Cry of my heart
Poured into a single word


That’s it?
That’s all.

Just breathe

And a dare to spill
A thousand gifts
In images
Across the year,

A word to speak,
A dare to seek

Joy, feather-light,
On wings of prayer,

The Heart and Hand
And artistry of God,

Rapture of creation!

Every moment,
Every fiber
Every breath

Drenched in untamed Love,
Wild and free

Breath of God
Alive…in me!

This post is part of Christian Writers’ January Blog Chain on the topic, “Quest.” Check out the other Quest posts by clicking the links at right.

I will also be participating in the 1000 Gifts Joy Dare this year, seeking to capture 1000 gifts in word and image, three each day throughout the year. The first of those images will be available soon here at Breathe Deeply. I invite you to stop back often and enjoy!



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21 responses to “Quest to Breathe

  1. Beautiful poem, Cindee! As I read it, I thought of Ann’s Joy Dare, and then I saw your note at the bottom. 🙂 I haven’t been as consistent with – well, anything – as I’d like, but I’m thinking of taking the Dare and chronicling it at Circular Praise.


  2. oh, my, what an exciting year this will be! I love your words, all of them, but this morning, “embers in ash.”


  3. Adrienne Urbanski

    Thank You Cindee for words that inspire us. For words that come from deep within your spirit a spirit that is filled with the Lord.


  4. Gorgeous, Cindee! Joy-feather light on wings of prayer is caught in my mind and will stay there all day. Thank you!


  5. Debra Elliott


    Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words and thoughts.


  6. Thanks so much. After reading this, I’m not hyperventilating anymore. *aaaahhh* 🙂


  7. Noticing embers in the ash. I like that. I’m taking this dare, too–though I’m not sure how I’ll share. Breathing joy with you.


  8. Breathing…almost gone. Taken away by beauty beyond words. Bless you!


  9. Well done, nice poem. I love the pictures here


  10. Breathe, the essence of life. A breath infuses life, calms, engergizes. All life revolves around this breath. Beautiful, Cindee. Just beaufiful!


  11. “Untamed love, wild and free.” I love those words. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.


  12. Jack Brown

    inspiring post
    thank you
    biiiiig hug


  13. I was wondering if this poem expresses your desire to write poetry and how you use this form of expression to seek God… As always, your words are beautiful, poignant, and never, never wasted. Each word hold a depth of meaning and is just the right fit.


  14. Deborah K. Anderson

    This really touched my heart. What a gift you have.


  15. Wow Cindee Wow! The breath of life and all we have to do is accept it “Breathe” Loved it!!


  16. “A word to speak,
    A dare to seek”

    You are simply the best at what you do, Cindee. Given that you lavished at least a thousand gifts on me alone last year tells me you’ll have no problem goin’ all 1K on the world this year. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Really. I mean that. I cannot wait.

    Continued blessings on your ginormous heart.


  17. Enjoyed the read, thanks.


  18. Reminds me of times when I’ve been out alone in the bush or near a lake, experiencing God’s presence in the quiet.
    Great poem.


  19. And again… you amaze me, Cindee, with your pure and powerful gift of words and imagery. Thank you. I am breathless.


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