Enraptured Delight

Dance with the shadows
Dream with the night

Wake gently folded
In dawn’s silver light,

Savor the nectar
Of timeless array,

Blushes of beauty
Streamed into day.

Step into color
Lavish and long,

Gather the dew drops,
Bursting with song

Spectrum of color
Splashed across day

Fullness replete,
God’s brilliant bouquet.

So stretch into morning,
Savor the light

Cherish each moment,
Enraptured delight!

This post is part of the March Christian Writers’ Blog Chain on the topic Savor. Enjoy a bounty of beautiful Savor posts by visiting the links above.



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25 responses to “Enraptured Delight

  1. Beautiful thoughts to start the day! Peace and Blessings.


  2. Cindee, a lot of radiance comes from your poem! The words speak for themselves…its uplifting!


  3. Beauty…beyond…words. Always stirring and stunning. Bless you!


  4. Thank you so much for this Cindee. You paint so vividly with words.


  5. Wonderful! I great poem for a Sunday like today. (Gorgeous weather here anyway!)


  6. Breathtaking – both the poem and the photos. Cindee, that was simply beautiful!


  7. What lovely poem. Its a bit different from the others of yours that I’ve read since it has a nice easy rhythm and its rhymes. It certainly captured the word ‘savor’ that’ s for sure. Blessings


  8. Great thoughts, captured in beautiful words.


  9. I really like the photos, what are they?


  10. That was absolutely glorious! I felt like I was inside of your praise to God, being swept along in all the colors, textures, and joy; as you offered it to him.


  11. Amazingly beautiful Cindee! The pictures fit perfect with your song of praise! Thank you for filling us with your beauty.


  12. Love your ending..Cherish each moment, Enraptured delight!
    And the pictures are so stunning!


  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Those pictures are beautiful and the words equally so.
    Enjoy your week.
    Patty@Patricia Martinez Photography


  14. 🙂 I agree with Jack. W O W
    You never cease to move and amaze, Cindee. Thank you, once again, thank you.


  15. Wow, that was really cool. I love how you worded everything and the pictures that so brilliantly captured what you wrote. Beautiful.


  16. Deborah K. Anderson

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Your words (and pictures) always inspire me. You’re a true poet, girl.


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