Right into Real

Scars and stripes,
Wounds we didn’t want
And wouldn’t choose,

Emotional, physical
Spiritual, deep

Pieces and bits,
Marred and broken,

Lifted, hefted, carried,
Lifted, hefted, carried

A scratch,
A broken fingernail,
Abraded bruise,

Skin split, flesh torn,
Joy oozing out from under bandages

Heart rent
Soul unstuffed

Till we’re shabby and worn,
Fur rubbed clean
Eye missing
Chin patched
Pink faded to gray

Fluff gone
Shiny scratched
Bright and new

Dulled and old
And lived and

Right into real

Not patched or stitched
Or cobbled or glued,

But altogether
A vessel fit for the King…

Each stone
Lifted, hefted, carried,
Lifted, hefted, carried,


On an altar of praise.

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15 responses to “Right into Real

  1. I think I want to sob and cheer both. Thank you for this ultimately joyful reminder that God loves all our broken parts and makes us whole.


  2. That is gorgeous…both the words and the photos!! I am so thankful for a Lord who can make me fit for Himself!


  3. Very nicely done. All those pains and bruises healed, made whole in Love and true understanding. The way this progresses to the altar, fit ending bringing to fruition your prayet.


  4. smiles…we are all broken pieces…and one day all will be made new and what a beautiful day that will be…smiles…lovely piece tonight…


  5. A nice uplifting write…I like the flow from broken to love making us whole ~


  6. Sharon O

    Always beautifully written. Gives the reader something to think about.


  7. Your poetry is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart.


  8. Yes, we are all broken and we spend all of our lives discovering the picture on the puzzle of who and what we eventually become depending on our life choices.
    A lovely write.


  9. You posit some beautiful ideas here. I think that when we remember we are all broken in some way we gain greater compassion. Thank you.


  10. I love you Lord Jesus. Thank you for all you have done for me!


  11. Beautifully said! Wonderful praise!
    I am fond of saying that everything we’ve experienced up to this very moment has made us into what He desires us to be, at this very moment.
    Excellent poem!


  12. Your poetry is absolutely beautiful! Broken and bruised, yet healed by God’s tender touch. He is an awesome, compassionate God!


  13. if many only view what the eyes see, then more times than not they will not recognize the true beauty which only spiritual eyes and those akin with your heart of gold and love, embrace on a daily basis! Lovely, and moving poem…it lifted me!


  14. cindee–so very nice to find you….your poems are beautiful. I look forward to reading around more.
    God bless.


  15. Fascinating liquid gold photographs illuminating your words.


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