Raining Light

A beginning,
A revealing,

Moments when the fog thins
And the sky breathes blue

And my soul dances…

When each grain of sand
Refracts His Light
In prism’s perfect song

And verdant green pierces
Pastel spring,

When clouds catch fire
And my ribs ease,
Soul breathes,
Pain cedes

And muted gray
Gives way to
Streams of

Raining Light…

Sharing at DversePoets, where words spill and poets speak.



Filed under Poetry

8 responses to “Raining Light

  1. Perfect and wonderful. Thank you, Cindee.


  2. Beautiful poem AND pictures. Your poem has some similarity to mine this week.


  3. Sharon O

    Beautiful pictures they took my breath away.


  4. sigh…your pictures play so well with your words…and in both i find peace and comfort….


  5. I enjoyed the poem and picture journey!


  6. Very cleaver and kool. Loved the entire presentation. Excellente!


  7. “Raining Light………” can I steal that for my blog (Threeway Light?).
    Beautiful words to match the photos–stunning!
    and ‘verdant green pierces pastel Spring.’
    piercing…that’s what the blades of tulips are doing here, along with iris, crocosmia and all other storts of buds and blooms.


  8. The way you interlace your words with the photographs, it’s as if we’re watching a slideshow, and the verses are the subtitled translations to the visual language.


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