The most precious jewels are not made of stone,
but of flesh.

— Robert Ludlum

Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.

— Isaiah 60:1

It’s each moment
strung like crystal beads
onto scarlet thread

stillness of soul
bathed in blood
nourished in peace

moment by moment
in the fire of

unquenchable love
into the fullness of a life
Headed HOME.

— Cindee Snider Re

Sharing with sweet Sandy on Saturday:

And with Deidra and Katie and Ryan on Sunday:

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22 responses to “Forged

  1. Beautiful photo. I love the way the light shines through the stones. And the perfect verses to go with it!


  2. I think we were on each others posts at the same time. You have me curious if you are in the jewelry business. I’ve noticed many of your posts include jewelry, or maybe it is a coincidence. Lovely post!


  3. Here is the funny part…I came to your site multiple times today and thought I had left a comment but then realized I hadn’t- I have been blessed with the loveliness and beauty here: both words and images. Thank you for visiting me, too! In His Grace, Dawn


  4. “…moment(s) strung like crystal beads
    onto scarlet thread.” Captured by the beauty of this. Really by all of it. Grateful for you.


  5. This is beautiful, Cindee. “…forged moment by moment in the fire of unquenchable love” says it all. Thank you.


  6. Thank you for gifting us with your poetry each week. It amazes me.


  7. Oh, amazing poem. Copied it into my journal. The heart-felt message of a life headed home. A perfect photo for it, too. Beautiful.


  8. lynnmosher

    Beautiful, as always, dear Cindee! I agree with Snady…“…moment(s) strung like crystal beads onto scarlet thread.” This took my breath away. So mesmerizing! Bless you!


  9. Thank you Cindee for another beautiful start to my day.


  10. Loved it. Creation has a whole new meaning when reading your poetry and prose.


  11. I nominated you today for Mrs’s Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award today, you are deserving and i really like your site alot! I will post the announcement on my blog tonight! Congratulations!


  12. A lovely message to keep this and everyday!
    What a blessing to wake up and welcome another day! Thank you Heavenly Father!


  13. Beautiful poetry and shots!


  14. Danise Jurado

    Beautiful! and so very encouraging to my heart… Blessings to you


  15. ceciliamariepulliam

    I love your poetry, Cindee, along with your gorgeious photos.


  16. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  17. Your words are absolutely beautiful, as is this piece of jewelry!


  18. Both the photo and the words…gorgeous.


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