Ten Million Minutes

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is twenty years of moments

Wrapped in promise and bright hope

Seven thousand days
Filled with laughter and little feet,
Five moves,
Two apartments, three houses,
And more work than I can remember

Through job loss
And relocation
Packing, painting,
Planting, tearing out,
Illness and accidents…

And eight pets that somehow
All arrived in pairs.

Love is day and night,
Bright and deep,
Shadow and light,

And never enough…

On it’s own

Only when it’s God’s —
Infused marrow and bone
Fiber and soul
Into every breath and heartbeat

Can Love survive
Our very human selves

Through hundreds of months and weeks,
Thousands of days,

Millions of minutes
Married to the man I love…

Learning to lean
On the One who is

word and breath
and blood and death
and life


Bleeding in and coursing through

Always protecting, hoping, trusting,
Always persevering

Through ten million minutes

Because only God’s love,
God’s way,
Never ever fails.

Happy, Happy 20th Anniversary, Tony!

I love you more today than I ever dreamed possible ten million minutes ago!

Twenty years ago we stood before family and friends and God, hand in hand, speaking these words to each other’s hearts, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!

Cindee’s Vows
Only once comes true love. Only once comes a feeling so strong and sure that you know it will last for a lifetime. Through you, true love has come to me.

Today I pledge to you my faithfulness, love and affection for all times – in joy and adversity, in laughter and pain.

I will nurture you when you need care. I will support you in new endeavors. I will believe in you when even you may doubt, and I will patiently listen to you when you need a friend.

I have chosen you as my partner for life, and now, before God, family and friends, I make that commitment permanent.

Tony’s Vows
I take your hand in mine. This symbolizes friendship and I promise now to be your true and faithful friend.

It symbolizes union and I promise to keep our union uppermost in my life.

It symbolizes help and caring. I promise to help you whenever and however you need me.

Most of all, it symbolizes love, and love is what I feel for you always, in good times and in bad.

I take your hand in mine – for this hour, for this day, for this lifetime.



13 thoughts on “Ten Million Minutes

  1. What an utterly heartwarming and sweet post. Congratulations to both of you for having lasted that long and here’s to wishing more million minutes to you guys!


  2. Sharon O

    SO beautiful… and so true. The years forge the relationship into more meaning and more solid love than you ever thought would be possible.
    congratulations. *we are at 38*


  3. Peggy

    Happy 20th Anniversary to my cousin Tony and his lovely bride Cindee. It is a beautiful thing to see when two people live the vows they took all those years ago. Many, many congrats and may God give you many more years together.


  4. lynnmosher

    Awww…such a sweet sentiment! I love the photos! You look beautiful! Happy anniversary! May you be blessed with millions more minutes together!


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