Soak in Beauty

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves is heard in our land.
~ Song of Songs 2:12

Mourning doves coos soft
in morning mist,
Slow, gentle light
rises in the east,

Sabbath sunrise,
Taste of joy,
Promise of hope,
Wake of brand new day!

~ Cindee Snider Re

Today, savor the moment,
Soak in the beauty around you,
Breathe deeply and
Simply know that
He is God!

Sharing with sweet Sandy on Saturday:

And with Deidra on Sunday:



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14 responses to “Soak in Beauty

  1. pastordt

    I saw this beautiful photo on your facebook page and hoped it might show up here. LOVELY. Such deep, true color. And the words, too. Deep and true.


  2. pastordt

    Or…maybe I saw it over to the side, right here on the blog. :>)


  3. Sharon O

    That is a gorgeous picture…wow…and the words are always nice too we have mourning doves all over our town and I love the cooing sounds from the trees.


  4. The season of singing has indeed come. Sandra has a clip of a Grosbeak singing on her SS post. Here at my place a pair of Red-winged Blackbirds screech and monopolize the birdfeeder.

    What beautiful rich colour on that flower, too. Gorgeous photo!


  5. Beautiful, Cindee – the prose and the photo. So very lovely!


  6. You talk about two of my favorite subjects in this one; God and flowers!


  7. Jody Collins

    Cindee–this flower photo is so beautiful–pasque flower? I think we have those, too, here in my garden. And the Song of Solomon quote–one of my favorites!


  8. Savoring the moment, the beauty of this, and your friendship.


  9. glad deep breath for the beauty of your heart
    and this:)


  10. that photo is magnificent. Blue flowers are my favorite. Your gift of poetic prose always blesses on Sunday.


  11. Made me smile. Lovely. And it IS a brand new day… that gives Hope.


  12. Love the regal blue flower – you do help us to savor and soak and breathe and simply know. Thank you.


  13. Cobalt blue: striking enough to hold the eye for that time of “stillness” that so often evades us. I LOVE this.


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