To be emptied of

pounded and stirred,
strained fine as light

through scarlet mesh,

to become,

to receive,

cupped to be
intimately filled,

Spirit oozing through this
heart so delicately spun

it seems a voice will
shatter it

to dust,
from which it’s claimed,

scooped and pounded and
stirred by Him

Who hovered over the deep,
speaking order into Life

mosaic of creation,
wild imagination

each a necessary piece
of all,

yet incomplete
until He comes,

fullness of GOD
without whom


formless and void,
unable to absorb

Living water
or light,

till He hovers,
breathing life

bleeding grace
across this barren heart,

cupped to receive

not meant for one,
but all

to draw
this thirsty, wayward world


Sharing at DversePoets, where words spill and poets speak.


15 thoughts on “Translucent

  1. Beautiful poem. It takes skill to make this subject come out right without sounding mushy and you definitely hit the right night. I liked the light and airy feel to it.


    1. nice….love the submission and openness there in the middle you really capture the spirit in this….and glad you have joined us on this journey at dverse as well…thank you. smiles.


  2. THE WAY you describe the Great Spirit, God thrills me::

    “Who hovered over the deep,
    Speaking order into Life”

    And this understanding of every THING being necessary to everything else in the Universe, it is SO right on the mark!

    “Mosaic of creation
    Wild imagination!
    Each a necessary piece of all…”

    It would be a fruitful-and-fun hour in a Starbucks with you, talking about God. You have a special gift of understanding, which IS within the reach of everyone. If only that curtain would be removed…..

    PEACE, Cindee Re!


  3. Jody Collins

    Cindee–all of your work is gorgeous–it would be impossible to pick ‘the best’–but this is remarkable.

    thanks for sharing again.


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