Embrace the Curl

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them….God saw all that he had made and it was very good. ~ Genesis 1:27, 31

A letter to my daughters, my sisters, my friends, myself:

I want you to know, today and everyday: You are beautiful – body, mind and soul – not because you’re model perfect, but because you’re the exquisite workmanship of God.

Society advertises a narrow standard of physical beauty – one size, one shape, one height, color, hair, eyes, brows – and we wax and pluck and color and shave and dye and perm and straighten and strive to fit that mold. And sometimes we do, but it comes at a cost, and not just to us.

We were created to fit together into the mosaic of creation, each of us unique and perfectly fitted to complete the whole. When I strive to be you, two of us struggle to fit into a space created for one, and another space, mine, is left empty, a gaping hole I was specially fitted to fill.

Just as no two snow flakes are ever the same, we weren’t meant to be identical either. Think about the immensity of God’s creation – a seemingly infinite variety of colors and shapes, sizes and patterns and dimensions – from velvety roses to giant sequoias, gentle-winged butterflies to steel-taloned eagles, little brown bats to great white whales. God’s creation is vast and varied and immensely different – on purpose.

Can you even imagine life with only one kind of flower, just big, white daisies sprouting from every garden, every yard, every vase, held in bouquet of every bride? Soon we’d stop noticing them altogether and none would be special, because they’d all be identical, exactly the same.

We weren’t meant to be one color, one shape, one size, but a vast array, the full spectrum of God’s infinite beauty, each soul reflecting bits and pieces of God’s own character, creativity, and diversity.

We were meant, as my cousin says, “to embrace the curl,” to embrace who we are, who God created us to be, instead of hiding and blending and covering and shaping and forcing our uniqueness into society’s one acceptable form of “beautiful.”

The world tells us in whispers and shouts how we should dress and walk and talk, where we should live and eat and work and sit, what we should drive, how we should look and think and feel. But too often the world is wrong, and the voice we hear isn’t God’s.

When God created us He said it was good. That’s what makes us beautiful, His character sewn into our souls, His Spirit living inside us, His love poured out over us again and again. We’re beautiful simply because we are His, treasured and sacred and absolutely loved.

So be who you are. Embrace your curl! Shine bright! Because this world needs you. It needs me. And it’s why He created us – exactly as we are – to complete creation’s mosaic – an exquisite reflection of God spread across the entire spectrum of creation in all His infinite glory!

He will take great delight in you; He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing. ~ Zephaniah 3:17b

*Written for the beautiful women of We Used to Be You Ministries — sharing life experience, providing wise biblical counsel, and sharing the love of Christ with girls and young women.


5 thoughts on “Embrace the Curl

  1. Amen, Cindee! Awesome write! I am amazed at times when I look around a crowded place and see the same girl, or woman, every where I look. I even see girls on TV, and think, “Wow, she looks just like my grand daughter. Then I realize, they all look alike. Very sad.


  2. Cindee, this is an incredible piece of wisdom!! I especially love “two of us struggle to fit into a space created for one, and another space-mine-is left empty.” Well done and thank you!


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