She’s cotton and denim,

Brown leather cut wide
Across bare feet

Cool tea in glass bottles
~ never sweet ~

And heavy cream

You can sink your teeth into
Plain maybe, but

Not brave

Just longing for a

To plumb the depths
And drink the nectar of her

Skip the whipped and waxy

Words of discontent
To breathe

The heady scarlet
Thread of

And joy alighting at the

As she swoops and swallows

The night
Inviting me to

Breathe the rhythm
Of her life.

*Inspired by Michelle Rinaldi Ortega who encouraged me to respond to this week’s prompt at Three From Here and There.

And linking with dVerse Poets where words spill and poets speak.


9 thoughts on “Her

  1. Sharon O

    That is the kind of person I would like to spend time with, a real ‘person’ who is not out to impress but to get to know.


  2. heavy cream

    ha i am all about that…this has a wonderful flow to it and some really nice lines as well…so inviting as well but not looking for everyone just those that want it…


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