Sunday Words

“But Joseph said… ‘Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me,
but God intended it for good…’” — Genesis 50:19, 20

One Sunday afternoon
I asked you to
Describe me

In one word,

Thought it might be fun.
Your choice

And wounded

That’s your word?
You didn’t laugh.

I didn’t ask you to
But wondered,

Is that really what he
In me?

And then today

Oh, you’re a real
piece of work

Slipped through gritted teeth
And chilled my soul

Oh, Lord, I breathed
Just keep me

To seek the truth
Beneath these brittle

Right here
Where love is thin
And scarred

And I so often
Get it

Just You, I prayed,
And truth


I am
A piece of work!

Exquisite, holy

A masterpiece
Of workmanship

Redeemed, alive
Set free

In You!

Linking up with dVerse Poets today. Come, drink deep of poet-speak.


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7 responses to “Sunday Words

  1. You brought me a big smile today, Cindee! We are all a piece of work. I’ll never say that phrase the same way again!


  2. each one of us that work of art… a masterpiece…and in realizing that we do find freedom you know…smiles…lovely verse…


  3. S. Etole

    Appreciate this immensely!


  4. “Right here
    Where love is thin
    And scarred

    And I so often
    Get it
    Wrong” don’t we all….and then there are the many times we do get it right, don’t forget about those too. Your photos are exquisite!


  5. every opportunity to His grace more deeply…your words so honest and true! And I love that last photo…thank you!


  6. Nice write…words wound so deeply….


  7. Cruel words they seem, and unconsidered I should think. Don’t forget the piece of God in you. Well written.


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