A found poem, my first, the words of Julia Cameron taken from her book,
The Artist’s Way, Week 2: Recovering a Sense of Identity, (pp. 52-54).

Attention is an
Act of connection,

The world rich,
Throbbing with treasure

Beautiful souls,
Interesting people

A series of small

Clock the seasons,
And days

Stand knee-deep in the
Flow of life

Pay attention!

For the creative life involves
Great swathes of attention

Its reward?
To connect,

And survive.

Its gift?
The capacity
for delight.

Pain becoming
Something more…


Each moment
The only safe place

Between a past too painful
To remember

And a future too terrifying
To contemplate

But this moment
Taken alone,

Always bearable

Our quality of life
Always in proportion

To our capacity for

*This poem is dedicated:to my Dad, who taught me to “see,”
and to my husband, who graciously grants me the time and space to
“pay attention” in the midst of our crazy, busy life with a house
full of teens. I love you both!

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Joining today with Tweetspeak Poetry’s Book Club discussion of The Artist’s Way.


7 thoughts on “Capacity

  1. pastordt

    PERFECT idea – a found poem in response to Julia. Thanks for this – and for your kind comments at my rather different response to this book. And yes, paying attention is at the heart of almost everything real, true and beautiful in this life, isn’t it?


  2. Jody Collins

    Cindee–reading your poems is like drinking a cup of cool water…so lovely.
    (and just for the record, you don’t sound at all cranky. although teenagers could do that to you….)


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