Do I Dare?

Do I dare to climb inside
the deep

where Love pries
wide the soul

from smooth black ink?
Beyond expectation

of days without
wrinkle or stain

where beauty wilts
and image leeches

passions gray?
Amputating imperfection?

Do I dare
to step against the grain

and wear my shoes

my bare feet

where claustrophobic reputation
cannot crush

the real
beneath its gritty sole,

and I can suck the marrow
from this day

and breathe?

Sharing today with DversePoets, where words spill and poets speak. Come join the conversation!


8 thoughts on “Do I Dare?

  1. lynnmosher

    {{sigh}} Always such lovely images and thoughts. If only I could poeticize like you! Bless you for your precious heart that you share!


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