Grasp life with both hands and
Unscrew the lid

Plunge deep in the marrow
And dance

in the Presence
of joy

Gathered in
Spread wide

Iridescent glimpses
When the soul breathes

Deep and lives!

Joining words with the Christian Writers’ Blog Chain this month on the topic Celebrate. Visit the links listed above right to continue this month’s celebration!



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13 responses to “Celebrate

  1. Lovely Cindee! This is very inspiring to me… I loved the brevity and the choice of words that really opened my mind up 🙂


  2. Cindee! I will be smiling all day thinking about your post! I might have to go out and snag myself a giant bottle of bubbles and spend some time sharing them with my dog! Then we can BOTH celebrate life!


  3. This is very cool. I have neither poetic nor photographic skill. You have both.


  4. breathtaking as always!


  5. Like the photos, Cindee. My wife bought a jumbo bottle of what I call Bubble Stuff the last time we were in WalMart. I tried to tell her the grandkids won’t be here until August, but she couldn’t wait. Peace and Blessings


  6. Cindee, this is BEAUTIFUL!! This brought TEARS to my eyes!! How did you capture those PERFECT moments & the words tie it together PERFECTLY!!


  7. pastordt

    So beautiful, Cindee. You capture those bubbles and their glow exactly right. Thank you!


  8. Thanks Cindee – wonderful words and wonderful pictures


  9. lynnmosher

    Oh, so awesome as always! Cindee, your heart overflows with beauty! And I love bubbles! Thank you!


  10. Fantastic poem, Cindee! I know you used bubbling for the visual reference here – great photos, by the way – but as I read this, I thought of me in my hoop, feeling that same kind of joy when I dance with it. 🙂


  11. I love the way you used your poetry and the photos in conjunction with each other. They work very well together.


  12. Beautiful! Breath taking! And breath giving.


  13. Deborah K. Anderson

    Bravo! So good to have you back! Like a drink of fresh water. (Sorry it took me so long to get here this month.)


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