Fragrance of the Deep

She is fragrant
as a cedar grove,
morning moist,
inviting passersby

to pause

and breathe
and feed upon the Word
nourishing her soul

Spirit in
self out
more of Him
less of her
with every breath

the fragrance of her life,
surrender to the Deep

agony of drowning,

in the passion
of His Soul.

Written for my beautiful friend Deb, who breathes Jesus in the good and the hard, truly the most beautiful woman I know, both inside and out.

Joining Tuesday with dVersePoets in celebration of their one year anniversary of launching an exciting, internationally expanding poetic community.


9 thoughts on “Fragrance of the Deep

  1. Peggy

    Cindee, this really moved me and humbles me to be better. I often ask that I may decrease so that He will increase in me. Beautiful words leading to the visual.


  2. This is a beautiful creation! The poem and the photos! I love the breathing in of the Spirit and breathing out of self. I think this will stay with me for a long time. Lovely, my dear Sister. Lovely!


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