Lyric and Light

quiver at the margin
as if trying to decide
whether to slip
into the puddle below
or be devoured
by the long slow tongue
of the sun,

atom by atom,

while I stand
at the margin
of my children’s

whether or not to

too many words
and they say,
“You don’t listen!”

too little
and I trivialize
what I
“just don’t understand.”

none at all
and I’m distracted,
“don’t really want to talk.”

but I do!
why else would I be
in this dark hour

seeking some
small pool of

to pale the lies,
untie the muck
that’s kept us stuck
so long
in shade

as poetry’s deft

this shadowed song

with grace.

*Running breathless and a little late to join in the lively discussion of The Anthologist by Nicholson Baker with the fine folk at Tweetspeak.

This poem is based off a series of excerpts from the first six chapters, but especially this one: “If you have something to say, say it. Don’t save it up….slam it in immediately. It won’t work if you hold it in reserve. Begin by saying what you actually care about saying, and the saying of it will guide you to the next line, and the next, and the next.” (p.9)


8 thoughts on “Lyric and Light

  1. InnerDialect

    like a fresh spring that I somehow am familiar with : going thru the valley of beracha they make it a fresh spring of new song : phew! Awesome


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