My One Word, 2013


I’ve finally chosen My One Word for 2013:
* something I resist
* feel guilty about
* long for
* and know absolutely that I need.
And I’m excited to begin the journey.

My One Word for 2012 was Breathe and it was a beautiful, hard, incredible year of learning to stop and breathe in the fullness of a moment — God’s Presence saturating, nourishing, engaging all of me – every fiber, every thought, every breath.

And now it’s your turn. In the comments, I’d love to learn your One Word for 2013, your experience with 2012’s word, and for one brave commenter, there’ll a sweet surprise straight from my heart to yours. Go! 🙂


15 thoughts on “My One Word, 2013

  1. Last year my word was intentional, to be intentional in relationships and in worship. This year I am being led to the word ‘quiet’. We learn so much from being quiet … and being still. I think this is the word I am settling on.


    1. I’ve been praying and thinking about my word and decided I need to “break the rule” and add a second word or phrase. That is “Present…in the moment”. So I officially have two this year. Balance and Present. Feels pretty good 🙂


  2. Stephanie Todd

    My One Word for 2013 is Persevere. In response to last year’s word, Breathe, I think of how God’s breath breathes new life in me each day. Just as we need oxygen to breathe, we need His breath of hope, power and love.


  3. Ah, Cindee. Thanks to your example and that of others, I have one word this year–courage. Your choice is so wise and good. I hope you will find it in everything you do this year and everything you don’t do.


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