They Sing His Soul


They sing his soul,
these strings,

a shadow’s breath
between beauty and ache

when a minor chord
is struck,

tension quivering
between darkness and light,

rhythm and refrain,

of eternity,
echo of Eden’s pain.

*Sharing today at Open Link Night at DversePoets where words spill and poets speak.



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13 responses to “They Sing His Soul

  1. Thanks for the morning serenade, such beautiful words my sister!, I also nominated you for ‘The Hug Award, last night on my blog, congratulations your are a very genuine blessing to all whom you know and share with! God bless and much love to you and your family always!


  2. Cindee, those first four lines are pure bliss. The whole poem is lovely! 🙂


  3. t h i n g s + f l e s h

    as a singer-songwriter, i appreciate this so much. tony


  4. the phrase “echo of Eden’s pain” caught me especially. poignant write.


  5. Beautiful, Cindee! I can almost hear the sounds you describe. Very nice!


  6. The music is mindful . . . there is respite, reflection in the interludes.
    Simply said, nicely written.


  7. echo edens pain…really nice close…tying up the spirit in this…there are some that can play and you can just hear that soul in every note…music is their love language you know….smiles.


  8. I play other stringed instruments, but it is the guitar that sets me free, creatively anyway. I read your metaphor and it is encouraging and as always inspiring. I wonder if you play?


  9. The minor chord reference says it so well…


  10. Some beautiful phrasing here. I really liked it.


  11. From another guitar player…Great job. Your photo is also my favorite angle of a guitar, looking down the strings like that always reminds me of a road laying out before you. Oh, the journeys you can take!


  12. This made me catch my breath. Every. Word.


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