Even Sorrow is Holy Ground

I have come to believe that our capacity
to feel joy is inexpressibly linked
to our ability to feel pain.

The deeper our pain, our sorrow, our hurt,
the greater our capacity to understand, to feel,
to experience unbridled, inextinguishable JOY.

Even sorrow then is holy ground.


“In sorrow and in suffering are hidden the springs of a peace and a power that can be affected by no outward storms. It is a great thing, when one has grown strong through that trial which melts away the dross and proves the true gold; when, being driven to the handling of many expedients, he has been trained to detect all counterfeit comforts, and to discriminate between unsubstantial good and that which abides every test; when he has learned to dispense with all outward props, can let riches, honors, health drop away from him, and yet feel that all this does not touch his real life…” E. H. CHAPIN, Living Words


3 thoughts on “Even Sorrow is Holy Ground

  1. Eric

    A great reminder that there is no place I can go that God is not there with me. That includes any emotional island we might feel stranded on.


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