My One Word, 2014


My One Word for 2014
is ask.

Because this year?
I want to listen

before I speak.
Want to seek

the reason,
the heart intent,

the why
behind the words,

the actions,
the emotions of another.

Because I’m learning
there is always

more to the story.
And too often?

I judge and assume
and jump to conclusions

without ever asking,

And it’s important,
the why.

Maybe more important
than I will ever

this side of Heaven.

Because it speaks the

the hurt,
our humanity.

So this year?
I want to pause

and breathe and seek
before I speak, judge,

assume, conclude.
This year?

I want to purpose in my heart
to ask.


2 thoughts on “My One Word, 2014

  1. Cindee, I have a new blog with wordpress…wherewordsdailycomealive. I am glad i found your blog address again, i have missed your words! May your year be spiritually prosperous and abundantly blessed! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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