Hope Does Not Disappoint


Something special for my Dad today — sharing one of his favorite verses — as he embarks on a year of Leukine therapy to fight metastasized melanoma.

My Dad is a man of deep compassion
who has seen great suffering.

He understands endurance,
and soldiers on with quiet strength

because this is not his home.

He has glimpsed eternity
and tasted of hope

and knows they do not disappoint.

This, my Friends, is his strength —
an abiding faith in His Father,

the one true God.



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3 responses to “Hope Does Not Disappoint

  1. susie snider

    DWS had a tear in his eye when I read it to him. Thank you


  2. Cindee, oh my goodness! My prayers for you and your father. Sending love–Sara v


  3. pastordt

    Lovely words, Cindee. Praying for him, for you, for the kids. . . the whole kit and caboodle of you!


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