One Love, God’s Love


One love. God’s love.

However imperfect or skewed or misrepresented,
however conditional or grudging
or undeserved,

whatever love we give,
whatever love we feel,
whatever love fills our souls

and seeps through the cracks
and shattered gaps
of these earthen vessels,

is one love,
God’s love,
holy and perfect,

forgiving, consuming,
restoring, redeeming,

before the beginning of time.
because God IS love,
and His love

is the one true love
in a sea of endless imitations.


3 thoughts on “One Love, God’s Love

  1. I was once at an intimate concert in which the performer, a deeply spiritual person, gazed warmly at his audience and said, “I want you to know, I love you all.” I smiled tolerantly and thought, “Sure.” Looking back, though, I realize my cynicism was misplaced. This man naturally saw the good in others, and our being there said enough about us that he could love us. Judaism actually idealizes this universal, unconditional love.


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