No Greater Love


Some moments touch our hearts. Some leave us in awe. Some are sweet and tender and refreshing, some intense and raw, some painful, and some so beautiful they are forever etched into the fiber of our souls.

A few years ago, I experienced such a moment. We’d been hiking for hours in the Colorado Rockies, my husband and I and our five kids, and lunch was long overdue, so we’d stopped at a local restaurant eager to eat. I ran in and checked to be sure they could accommodate our son’s special diet. “No problem,” the manager had assured me.

Fifteen minutes later, we began to order, and our son’s choices dwindled to a plain hamburger patty on a plate. No bun, no fries, no veggies. Just a plain beef burger on a plate. I watched Sam’s face, knowing he was hungry and felt guilty I hadn’t brought more food on the trail, hadn’t had packed anything extra in the van.

It was our first vacation after Sam got sick, and while he almost never complains, I could tell by the resigned slump of his shoulders that this was hard. He was tired and hungry. After taking his order, the waitress looked toward our oldest son, who simply said, “I’ll have what my brother’s having.”

“A plain burger, no bun, no fries, no veggies?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded.

One by one, our three daughters ordered identical plates.

And my mama heart burst in my chest.

I couldn’t speak, I could only nod and order one more plain burger on a plate. No bun. No fries. No veggies. For there could be no greater love.

On this, the Lords’ Day, let us love one another deeply from the heart…

Because it matters. Every. Single. Time.


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