A Gift for You


A few weeks ago, Amy Breitmannand Tammy Hendricksmeyer of Outside the City Gate approached me and asked if I’d be interested providing photography for their first e-book, Pieces of Faith, A Mosaic of Sojourners.

Yes! Of course! Absolutely!” was my immediate reply from the rolling hills of Elkton, Oregon, where I was attending a weeklong photography workshop.

And what an honor it’s been! Tammy and Amy are, bar none, the most encouraging women I have ever worked with. They’ve stretched me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me every step of the way.

Today, Outside the City Gate is releasing this “labor of love, a collaboration of voices…not us standing in our Sunday-best, but writers and artists gathering the truthful pieces of ourselves, our stories, and giving them away. We offer them with the sincere hope that you might recognize some of your own story in the collection.”

A collection including work from:

Diane Bailey
Amy Breitmann
Tammy Hendricksmeyer
David Rupert
Duane Scott
Nacole Simmons
Beth Stiff
Kelli Woodford

“So we reach out today, to give ourselves ~ the raw and truthful words set against a backdrop of photos.”

May these words and images bless, encourage and refresh you, drawing you in, connecting each of us across the miles, each an integral part of the whole, each an irreplaceable piece of the mosaic, life and breath of the Body of Christ on this earth together.

To learn more and download your free copy of this beautiful collaboration, click here:

An Offering: From Writers, Dreamers, and Artists.

Sunday blessings to you, Friends!


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