From A Spring-Fed Well


to love without borders,

expecting nothing in return.

To love without prompt
from a spring-fed well,

regardless, in spite of,
right through the messy midst of,

saying with the heart,
“There is nothing you can do

to make me love you more,
and nothing you can do

to make me love you less.”

looking past imperfections
to hope,

who we were created to be,
who we can become in Christ.

To love
all-in, full-out,

without exception or condition
or end,

boundless, infinite,
beyond all human comprehension.

Possible only
with God, through God,

in God,
because He first loved us.

We love only
because He is


Whatever love we have,
whatever love we give —

however imperfect or skewed,
or misrepresented,

however conditional or grudging,
is His love

flowing through these broken vessels
damaged in the Fall,

redeemed by grace,

forgiven, restored,

to fulfill His unfathomable plan
for all Creation.

To love like Jesus.


3 thoughts on “From A Spring-Fed Well

  1. Enjoyed your opening take on “Agape — love without boundaries”. “Boundaries” in my circle of colleagues is seen as “protective”, a “barrier” that blocks unwanted to intrusion. Thanks for sharing! Blessings & Prayers for you & your Dad!


  2. Agape. Full. Whole. Complete.
    From the Father, it comes to dwell among us and in us. So complete as it heals, moves and deepens. May we always come to the Love well and learn to love well. I love how you have captured our Father’s love.


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