Choosing to See


Today I am choosing to see, to look beyond the ordinary for the extraordinary — the breath of God in every moment, His love infusing every breath, His still, small voice echoing in every heartbeat.

Will you join me?

Let’s encourage one another to see, to really see, sharing in the comments where we each see the extraordinary just beyond the shadows of the ordinary.


5 thoughts on “Choosing to See

  1. I see his extraordinary face imprinted on the faces of ordinary people when I truly look long enough and listen intently. I also see the extraordinary work of God through the gift of photography. The detail of God’s heart captured by you is breathtaking, Cindee. Thank you for sharing your gift of SIGHT.


  2. In sunlight dancing on a dew-kissed morning.
    In the ever changing water-colors of sky.
    In the sweet song of birds on any given day.
    In food for the hungry, and strength for the weary.
    In grace freely given, and humbly received.
    In children laughing loud, and hugging tight.
    In ancient words, ever true, changing me, and changing you.
    I never stop seeing beauty, because life is a beautiful, extravagant, and extraordinary gift.
    To Him be the glory.


  3. When I look for His presence in everything, nothing seems ordinary anymore. It’s changed the way I look and things…even how I react to things. (Of course, I’ve not perfected this…I’m a work in progress.)


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