Every Story Matters


I am a hoarder of moments.”

Matt Knisely’s words caught me in the very first paragraph of his new book, Framing Faith, for I’ve been living in moments, those overlooked glimpses of eternity tucked into every breath, every heartbeat of creation, for thirteen years.

It’s why I pick up my camera. To seek beauty beyond first glance.

Why I pause, eyes closed, to feel the dew beneath my feet, morning’s gentle breeze, sun’s sweet kiss caress my cheek.

It’s why I listen, to hear God’s still, small voice whispering through all creation.

Why I tap at the keys, wrestling the mist into words I can read. And remember.

For thirteen years, I’ve been living in moments, because life can change in a heartbeat.

I’ve watched it happen. When my brother slipped across the veil at 32. When my son got sick and never got well. When all three of my daughters were diagnosed with the very same disease. When my dear friend’s husband was ushered home to Jesus while he talked with her on the phone.

These moments, this mist that evaporates with the rising sun, are too exquisite to miss, too precious to squander in the squeeze of schedules. Too holy to waste waiting for tomorrow or next week or next year, or until the kids grow up, or there’s more time, more money, more bandwidth, less stress.

Matt says it well, “The gift of love is everywhere, but when we are viewing life through the wrong lens, we don’t pay attention to its awesome presence.

So I’ve learned to breathe by learning to see. Learning to listen and drink in the beauty tucked into every precious moment. By learning to tell my story.

The real story. Which felt right, until a few readers questioned why I would tell this story of so much medical. Why I would disclose our personal lives to the public. I only know it’s how I breathe, how I learn to unravel the chaos and see God.

Then I read, “For me to withhold my story would be to rip out a thread from the tapestry of humanity.

Matt spoke the words I couldn’t find.

My story matters. Whether one person or ten thousand read the words I write, whether or not my photography ever launches beyond a hobby, my story matters.

Every thread woven into the tapestry of humanity matters. Whether it’s an eye-catching streak or support thread, a glittering highlight or deep shadow, every thread matters.

For without each individual thread the tapestry is flawed, the weave incomplete.

So today, I’m giving away a copy of Matt’s book, Framing Faith, with an invitation for you to share your story, your own unique and creative thread, in any way you choose — a glimpse, a moment, precious and essential.

For a chance to win Matt’s book, Framing Faith, From Camera to Pen, share a moment of your story in the comments below. It can be an image, the link to a blog, Facebook post, or YouTube video, or simply the words of your heart.

Next week, I’ll be giving away another copy of Framing Faith, and one more the week after that, as I share a few more of my favorite quotes, a little more of my story, and always another image.

How will you share your story?


24 thoughts on “Every Story Matters

  1. I left a response, but it was refused?? I’ll try another route. I accept your challenge, but it will take me a week to figure out how I can be succinct, to the point, and brief!!


  2. pastordt

    Powerful words, Cindee. Thanks so much for writing this review and making this offer. My story is quite small just now, confined to my home most of the time, nursing a surgically injured and then repaired foot. Not liking being dependent and housebound, but trying to stay open to what might be learned here. And I LOVE THAT YOU TELL YOUR STORY HERE AND ELSEWHERE, Cindee. Please don’t be put off by any naysayers. Your story is important for all kinds of reasons.


    1. Diana, what would we do without you? You are treasure! Praying for you as you heal and knowing God will bless this unusual time of quiet in your life…and that we will all be blessed too because of it. 🙂


  3. Cindee, you are right, everyone’s story matters and we have to take the time to listen, to look at the storyteller so they know that we are listening. It constantly amazes me when I open my heart and tell why has hurt me there are so many people willing to share what hurts them too, and from that we can all heal. Hugs!


  4. Bailey Flores

    I think this picture explains my story… Was felling like I had enough but god was reaching out for me..I followed me heart and followed him! And now I am 4 years clean and capturing other people’s stories and helping them get to closer to god!


  5. Kristin

    Cindee – your photos and words inspire me always and lately I’ve been even more drawn to your creativity as I am blessed to share the gift of photography with my daughters. I know you know this joy! I just downloaded Matt’s book and am so grateful! Can’t wait to read with the girls and continue telling our stories through what I call Sabbath Moments. xoxo


  6. I’ve just been reading, Your Beautiful Purpose by Susie Larson. One chapter is called, ‘Love Your Story.’ I think that a big part of my story is that I believe in others and their story, but that I need to really embrace my story. Really love the story God gave me and live it out fully, for His glory.

    Blogging has definitely helped the journey to embrace my story.



  7. Reblogged this on Restored Ministries Blog and commented:
    Every Story Matters! This is a great blog and these words are so true
    “For me to withhold my story would be to rip out a thread from the tapestry of humanity.” Matt Knisely / Framing Faith
    Everyone has a story and that is how we connect. Love the visuals of the tapestry. “Every thread woven into the tapestry of humanity matters.” Your story matters! We call them Restoration Stories at http://www.restoredministries.org
    God has a beautiful way of taking even the most painful story and using it for His Glory!


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