You Are…

I Am...2

I am honored to be partnering with the beautiful, grace-filled Lauren McLeod, the heart and soul behind this project, to launch #IAmHis today, the first in a series of images designed to remind each of us that we are precious, treasured, accepted, loved.

Today, we invite you to reach out and remind the weary, the lonely, the broken-hearted and hurting, the overwhelmed and over-looked, the loved one, neighbor, friend, or co-worker, of who they are and Whose they are:

accepted, loved,
of infinite worth,
and eternal value.

Because we are precious and beloved —
every. single. one.


One thought on “You Are…

  1. 18 October 2014   Hi Cindee,   Thanks for this!!  I can use it in my classroom.  Some of the references are hard to read because of the color & the type font.  Do you have this same list in another format??  I know!!  I’m OLD!!   Every day is a challenge with my students.  I am blessed to only have them half-days.  Some have severe learning disabilities.  All are profoundly affected by poverty.  Breakfast for most of them is an “Energy” drink only.  With no protein to stimulate brain function their brains are in ‘sleep mode’ for a large part of the morning.  My prayer life has been put into ‘high gear’.  Which reminds me…..check out http://www.inward/ . They publish a daily “Journey” excerpt whose content albeit very brief can cause me to reflect all day on what is presented. I think you might enjoy this daily email!!   Blessings Dr. Bill Gerber


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