Back to School

September ushers in change in routine, in seasons, in the order and rhythm of our days, and it marks our 18th year of homeschooling.


Two sons and a daughter have already graduated from high school leaving me with just two for the first time in many years — a freshman and a senior. Our senior is home for just this final semester before graduating early to pursue her dreams. New rhythms.


September inaugurates our most recent high school graduate into college. Our first to commute. Rhythms of change.


September also finds our firstborn, a recent college graduate, home simultaneously looking for employment, leading worship, and building his own photography and graphic design business, the tools of his trade sprawled throughout the family room. New rhythms.


This September whispers fresh creative wind to our second son as well via 3-D design, life-size costume armor and weaponry, game development and design, and brand-new built-ins he designed and created with his Dad. Rhythms of hope.


September brings with it a return to Children’s Hospital and familiar routines. This week our daughter had surgery to place a permanent port. What grace that her best friend, who’s been with her through every hospital stay over the past three years could be with her this week too, one last time before he flies across the ocean to experience brand new rhythms of his own. Rhythms of grace.


September sunshine beckons us outside for as long as possible. Winter is coming. We’ll relish the days and welcome the familiar rhythms of time to steep in great literature and feast on fine poetry.


September in our house means flu shots for everyone, and the chance to bless another too, and offers opportunities to learn something new, like volleyball. A brand new rhythm and pace for our days.


September — days of order and grace, routine and change, Back to School in myriad, diverse and creative ways. Rhythms of faith and grace.


*Joining a wonderful group of photographers and writers this month in the Circle of Faith in Words and Image blog circle as we explore the topic,
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